Future Cars 2030 !


2015 Alfa Romeo Giulia: Alfa Romeo really is coming back to America, and a new compact sedan is the make-or-break offering. The Giulia promises zesty Italian style and driving fun, but it’s a distant cousin of the Dodge Dart, so it will likely be “imported” from Belvidere, Illinois.
2015 Aston Martin Vantage: Even boutique automakers can’t escape new rules for lower emissions and higher mpg. That’s why Aston Martin is paring pounds and toning-up engines for its “junior” 2-seaters. The result should be a quicker, cleaner, and even sexier Vantage that 007 can endorse.
2015 Audi A9: Audi looks to accelerate its sales momentum with a new 2-door sports-luxury coupe and convertible. Derived from the A8 premium-large sedan, the A9 will be an image-building flagship vying for showroom attention with the brand’s exotic R8 sports car.
2015 BMW X4: Imagine a junior edition of the coupe-styled X6 crossover, based on the redesigned X3 SUV, and you have the newest all-wheel-drive Bimmer. The X4 had been in limbo, but now it’s good to go, thanks in part to Porsche’s expected “baby Cayenne.”