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Anti-Gravity Pulse Detonation UFO Triangles Chemtrails unexplained government secret satellite classified Northrop B-2A Spirit B-2A X-43 Liquid Methane Gas Propulsion (LMGP) Pulse Detonation Wave Engines (PDWE) HYPER-X TAV NSA CIA NASA Area 51 Groom Lake Skunk Works Lockheed Nellis Stealth Hypersonic Aurora aircraftspyplane SR-X Lockheed SkunkWorks SR-SR-71 Blackbird dreamland abovetopsecret NASA X-43a Falcon HTV-3X TR-3BX-51a F-19 Area 51 Aero navesenvuelosecreto F-117 POTUS MiG Science gravity blackproject technology Little A’Le’Inn Bob Lazar M.I.T. Roswell Edgar Fouche Art Bell Philip Schneider TR3 Black Manta F-35 X-35 F-22 Stealth X-37-2C Su-47 Berkut Sukhoi T-50 PAK FA Mikoyan Mikoyan MiG 1.42 1.44 Chengdu China J-20 F-22 F-35 F-16 F-14 Black Ops F22 Raptor F-18 Russian MiG-29K Mig-29 MiG-31 Su-27 Cyrillic:
In the mid-1970s, Lockheed and the U.S. Air Force began work on a radar-evading strike aircraft under the code name HAVE BLUE. By the early 1980s, word about this Top Secret project had leaked to the aviation press. Although specifics were vague, it was known that the plane employed a shape that deflected radar waves, had recessed engines with special cooling exhausts to minimize its infrared signature, and had a skin of radar-absorbing composites.
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Russia’s fifth generation T-50 fighter jet has successfully made a test flight, marking a new era for the country’s Airforce. Designers from the aircraft maker, Sukhoi, say it has spent about forty minutes in the air and fulfilled all expectations.
The Su-35 is designed to intercept and destroy all types of aerial targets in medium- and long-range engagements and dogfights, to gain air superiority as well as to destroy ground and surface targets, ground infrastructure facilities located far away from the base airfields heavily protected by the active AAD system.
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