1. The move now is to AC motors as you know; any plans to replace the DC
    motor? How are the brushes holding up?

  2. Thanks for the update. I can’t quite believe that it’s been over a year
    (17K) already.
    I had always wondered, with a dash of envy, how you must feel driving an
    electric car. I have been fortunate enough to have been given the
    opportunity to babysit (drive) an electric car (Renault Twizy) for the past
    week. I now know how you feel!

  3. Hi Damien have a look for fans that are made for Radon gas there are some
    models that are made with lots of cfm but they are surely not 12 volt but I
    thing they are quiet. they could be powered with a inverter. 

  4. Thanks for the update! Loved it. I can see the pride and joy in you ,
    speaking beside the land yacht. I was wondering after 17K of lead footing
    and joy riding, if you had an average Km you were getting out of the 30Kwh
    pack?? I was guessing around 120 Miles if you kept it under 70 miles an
    Thanks again and keep the brain candy flowing. 

  5. How does someone increase power onto these types of engines? I do barely
    know myself how unless you could either increase the energy supply, size of
    the engine or perhaps you rebuild it into a similar way to how a fuel
    engine such as the wankel disc engines work (putting setions on length so
    there is twice the magnet pull in each part if two electric engines
    connected as one).

    Does that really work?

  6. by the way is ti spring there now. I know where I’m from Canada were are in
    the -30 C and lots of snow. 

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